Boxelder Craft Beer Market

Respect Your Elder

150 Bottles of Beer and Kombucha on Tap

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Dear Beer,

Never change.


Getting the memo: Boxelder Craft Beer Market, a brew-obsessed bottle shop and taproom loaded with local drafts, shooting to open this Friday (paperwork... permits...) in Wynwood. (See the slideshow here.)

And now, four ways you might consider employing its well-stocked services.

To properly build your beer cave.
The couple behind this joint know their brew. Let them guide you through their concrete-and-wood-lined nook to build a six-pack from the 150 bottles on hand. You can also go the growler route, but the six-packs were specially made to fit on bikes, so... that’s something you’ll want to personally verify.

To unwind after the office.
With 20 taps. All local. Also: candied bacon from Miami Smokers, a deck of Cards Against Humanity and a back patio to enjoy it all on. They also have kombucha on tap. For... yeah, kombucha.

To enhance your collection of random party trivia.
Via interactive beer classes they’re offering once a month. Knowledge is power. And party trivia.

To impress a certain someone.
Blind tastings. They’re happening here.

Know thy hops, know thy date.


Boxelder Craft Beer Market
2825 NW 2nd Ave
Miami, FL, 33127


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