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Bourbon Shakes and Turkey Legs in Greektown

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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, as you recall, goes something like this:

Burgers >> beer >> tacos >> smoked turkey legs >> self-actualization.

So maybe just relax and be all you can be at Tapworks Tavern & Grill, a new Greektown den offering all the ingredients for a full and happy life, opening tonight.

The setup is simply thus: slide in after work, enter into a smallish bar area and be greeted by a bunch of whiskey bottles. Order a brown beverage and be on your way. Alternate scenario: order a bourbon milkshake and stay awhile. Yeah, that one.

Once fully immersed, you’ll see an open kitchen where chefs are hard at work preparing beer brats, beer-cheddar burgers, beer-battered fish-and-chips and Frito pie with beer cheese. Yes, you’re sensing something. You could really use a beer. And look at that... they have 48 on tap, which really worked out.

Greektown was crying out for something like this. Something not too flashy, with woodsy decor and pictures of pigs and a buffalo head on the wall. Something that smells a lot like smoked pork and rib tips. Something with big smoked turkey legs.

Greektown should cry more often.

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