Ginto Izakaya Japonaise

Turning Japonaise

A Monumental Japanese Eatery and Bar on Market

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This morning when you woke up, it was already happening.

There was a man. There was a Tsukiji fish market. And there was just perfect/pristine fish raced to a waiting plane so it would get to Market Street in time for your important dinner tonight...

Ginto Izakaya Japonaise.

That’s a place where important things now happen.

It’s a towering shrine to Japanese seafoodery and all the Japanese whiskey such evenings might require, and it’s now open. (Slideshow. Beauty.)

They’re part of a formidable global empire, the good kind—they’re at the front of the line for whiskey allocation. So that’s important: maybe start at that marble bar right at the entrance, can’t miss it, and get a couple fingers of something good.

Or a Matcha Russian. Yes, like a matcha version of a White Russian. Ah, there’s your date entering now, unless it’s really a burbling cadre of important clients.

And then a soaring opus of an evening unfolds, a symphony of navy leather and yakitori grill, of mask and temple bell, of Japanese charcoal and Mount Fujian lava rock.

You’ll eat sushi and soft-shell crab clay pots and chicken livers and stuff.

Took it down a notch at the end there.


Ginto Izakaya Japonaise
658 Market St
(near Kearny)
San Francisco, CA, 94104


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