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Short Rib Pizza and Beer in Charlestown

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If you’d like to hear about Valentine’s Day, turn to page 12.

If you’d like to hear about short rib pizza and beer, turn to page 3.

We’re so happy you chose page 3.

Because that’s the made-up page number of Brewer’s Fork, a concrete-filled pizza fortress with more beer than it knows what to do with, opening February 27 in Charlestown. (Your slideshow and your menu.)

You wanted numbers. Here they are:

Number of laundromats Charlestown just lost: 1

Number of industrial-looking pizza-date spots it just gained: 1

Seats at the concrete bar: 16

Odds fluke crudo comes your way at said bar: moderate to high

Banquettes made out of spent wine corks: 2

How many corks that is: no

Beers on draft: 30

Beers by the bottle: 15

Beers on the you-have-to-ask-for-it reserve list: TBD

Weight of their wood-fired oven in pounds: 7,500

Weight of their wood-fired oven in Rob Gronkowskis: 28.3

Circumference of pizzas: 11 inches

Clam pizzas with bacon jam: 1

Hours short rib is cooked sous vide before it becomes a topping: 72

When this snow will end: praying helps

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