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Stowe Day

A Vermont Manor with Long Weekends in Mind

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It’s okay if you haven’t made Valentine’s Day plans yet.

You were just waiting for whiskey, bathtubs and fire to align.

And now they have.

At Edson Hill, a freshly revived Vermont country manor full of soaking tubs and fireplace butlers within striking distance of Stowe’s ski slopes, now reopen.

It’s still a 1941 brick-and-wood mansion surrounded by four guesthouses on 38 acres of forest and pristine countryside. Close one. But now they’ve renovated all 25 rooms, as well as the living room, dining room and tavern. So... “everything” would also be accurate. (Here’s the slideshow evidence.)

Your day can go a few ways:

—Drive 10 minutes to Stowe and hit the slopes early.

—Make use of the property’s extensive cross-country skiing trails or local snowshoe paths.

—Spend it soaking in one of the King suites’ fireside tubs while you call for a fireplace butler to do fireplace butler things.

As for how you’ll end it: at the dining room’s corner table with a doe-eyed companion and some venison stew (here’s the menu). Then, hit the tavern for local beers and whiskey-based Smoking Revolvers with chocolate mole syrup and a mezcal rinse.

Pretty typical inn stuff.

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