The District by Hannah An

Districtly Speaking

Bourbon, Fire and Vietnamese Noodles. Naturally.

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Not-so-smart play: passing on the one-yard line.

Smart play: sitting under dancing flames and eating noodles.

In The District by Hannah An, a striking new modern Vietnamese restaurant with handmade noodles and a slight tendency toward pyromania, opening Saturday on 3rd Street from a Crustacean-family daughter—and taking reservations now. (See the slideshow.)

It’s a two-story beauty that looks like a colonial Saigon theater—and it’s got multiple patios with fire pits and flaming beams overhead (you’ll see), in case you like sitting outside. Some people seem to like that kind of thing.

Downstairs: glass lanterns, a beautiful wooden bar, shots of Vietnam and a 280-year-old door that’s now a communal table. Seems like a good place for clients, producers, nice jackets, American Joes (with bourbon, peach-rooibos agave and chili tincture), noodles with uni and crab, shaking beef with filet mignon... and 24-hour pho. Doesn’t it, though?

And upstairs: another sexy dining room and lounge that’s pro emerald-cut chandeliers, pro onyx bar and pro... tiles that look like royal seals. Seems like another good place for American Joes. And noodles.

And all those other things, too, really.


The District by Hannah An
8722 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA, 90036


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