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Two Reasons to Go to Patagonia. Now.

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Here’s a thought: Patagonia.

Here’s a more specific thought: exploring its remote regions via horseback.

And one more: fly-fishing its Middle Limay River.

Now, what to do with all those thoughts.

Decide between them, of course.

First up, the six-day Private Patagonian Adventure, which has you trekking through the lesser-known parts of Chile’s Northern Patagonia region, now taking reservations.

This is basically you playing the role of pioneer settler, traipsing through uncharted Chile. Sort of. It’s all been discovered, but maybe you’ll find a new bird species or something.

It’s not all just traipsing, though. You’ll pause to raft through treacherous rapids, hike with a view of the volcano Osorno, explore hidden coves and cliff faces via kayak and ride horses through the rain forest. And you can look at those things here.

Then there’s fly-fishing at the Limay River Lodge, a quaint, wine-cellar-equipped hotel in Argentina where you can release your inner angler, also now taking reservations.

This place is 43 miles downriver from the nearest town, which means you’ll have the entire river and all of its aquatic treasures to yourself and your fleet of drift boats.

Once you’ve conquered the local fish population, a chef will prep some traditional Argentine meats by the outdoor fireplace, and tee up some of those Argentine reds the pope probably misses so much.

Assuming he’s a red kind of guy.


Private Patagonian Adventure
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Limay River Lodge
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