Things to do for January 29, 2015

The Weekender

Girl Scout Cookies and Beer, Together at Last

Super Weekend XLIX

A Cookie-and-Beer Flight. Yep.

A Cookie-and-Beer Flight. Yep.

If you like beer, keep reading. If you like Girl Scout cookies, keep reading. If you want to partake in some magical world where Thin Mints, Samoas and other delicious cookies are paired with local beers... then stop reading immediately and go to LUCK.

Available through Jan 31, LUCK, 3011 Gulden Ln, Ste 112, 469-250-0679

A New Burger Operation in East Dallas

A New Burger Operation in East Dallas

There’s a new burger in town. It comes courtesy of Harvey B’s, a tiny takeout operation that’s slinging two-handed burgers and spiral-cut fries. There’s even a beer cooler so you can leave with a six-pack. It’s like they thought of everything.

Now open, Harvey B’s, 4506 Columbia Ave, Ste 100, 469-334-0980

Now This... This Is a Super Bowl Snack

Now This... This Is a Super Bowl Snack

Someone will bring a veggie platter to a Super Bowl party on Sunday. Not you, though. You will bring a whole goddamn pig’s head from CBD Provisions, plus tortillas, salsa and a side of chicharones. Because they’re offering those things to go. And because you’re a good person.

Taking preorders now for pickup Feb 1, 2-4pm, $59, CBD Provisions, 1530 Main St, 214-261-4500

Unlimited Wings and a 25-Foot Screen

Unlimited Wings and a 25-Foot Screen

Unless you’ve got a 25-foot projection screen, dozens of beer taps and unlimited wings happening at your place on Sunday, you might consider adjourning to the Rustic. And if you do have all those things, you might consider charging a cover.

Cocktails and Jazz at a Brewpub

Cocktails and Jazz at a Brewpub

Your Tuesdays now include the following:
—Live jazz.
—$5 drinks straight from the circa-1862 Jerry Thomas’ Bartenders Guide.
—Bar snacks like housemade pasta, charcuterie and pickled eggs.
—None of the above.

That last one only applies if you don’t go to Small Brewpub.

Tuesdays through February, 8-11pm, Small Brewpub, 333 W Jefferson Blvd, 972-863-1594

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