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A Late-Night Bar on Division. With Twister.

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Good afternoon.

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Ah, here we are: Hopsmith Tavern, a two-tiered bar with a private-study feel that’s here to properly edify you on the fine art of after-work beer drinking, moonlit dancing and wee-hour Twister. It opens tonight on Division. (Here’s your slideshow and here’s your menu.)

There’s a lot of material to cover, so we’ve outlined your notes thusly:

I. The Downstairs
A. Where you’ll head directly toward the booth with the beer tap protruding from a wall of vintage card catalogues. Everything about that just works.
B. Where you’ll sate your happy hour cravings with Lord Stanley’s Sampler—a potpourri of appetizers served atop a Stanley Cup.
C. Where you’ll curiously eye the taxidermy mise-en-scènes behind the bar.

II. The Upstairs
A. First, order a round of Kangaroo Fights, code for a shot of whiskey and RumChata dropped into some root beer.
i. Immediately regret/repeat A.
B. Adjacent to the bar with the sawed-off VW bus, there’s a glass-paneled peninsula with a retractable moonroof.
i. Dance there. Or...
ii. ... gaze pensively up at the stars.

The Indoor Balcony
A. Featuring a giant Twister pinwheel.

No wrong turns with bar Twister.

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