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Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and... Foie Gras

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Hot Doug’s, as you may have heard, closed last year.


They should put up a plaque or something where it once stood.

Or maybe, you know, open this place: Frank Meats Patty, a casual burger joint that’s about to start breathing new life into the former encased-meat emporium starting Friday. (The slideshow’s here and the menu’s here.)

The guys behind Lockdown and Fatso’s Last Stand have heroically swooped in to give this little corner dive its highest and best use. Namely, providing interesting and delicious things for you to lunch yourself silly on.

Oh, it’s still pretty hot-dog-stand-ish on the inside. Few tables. Ketchup-red floors. A Chicago-flag motif painted along the walls with burgers, fries and fried shrimp instead of stars.

And sure, you can just go for the basics. Burgers, char dogs, shrimp po’boys. But you’re already here. Might as well go for some not-so-basics, too.

Grab an Ooey Gooey, which involves two patties being stuffed with cheese. Get some mac and cheese that’s been loaded with salami. Whisper your order for the secret Duck Foie Gras Sausage burger topped with cherries and foie mousse. Ask if the once-a-week duck-fat fries are available.

Sir Hot Doug would’ve wanted it this way.

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