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Oysters, Tacos and Tequila in South Boston

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South Boston, you’ve come a long way.

From the days of not having cavernous taquerias stocked with mezcal and oysters...

... to having them.

Commemorate the milestone with Loco Taqueria & Oyster Bar, a splendid new tacos-and-a-raw-bar situation from the powers behind Lincoln Tavern, now open.

This looks like the kind of well-worn, Southwestern taco joint that’s been around for 30 years instead of one day. Chalk it up to the rough-hewn wooden booths with chipped paint, naked steel beams and a 62-foot bar made from old tin ceiling panels (thy name is slideshow).

“This is the kind of place where I could get into some trouble,” you might think aloud in a fake Texan accent. Stop doing that and parse the list of 41 tequilas and mezcals. Or just make it quick and a request a Low Rider with bourbon and Mexican fernet instead.

Time passes. Surf and turf tacos with chimichurri skirt steak and fried rock shrimp come and go (here’s the menu). You could leave. But not until you’ve had oysters accompanied by your choice of eight flavored ices, from black pepper pineapple to Thai basil.

Okay, now you can leave.

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