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Try and humor us here.

We hereby posit that there might be a Vegas scenario in which you suddenly and urgently need some 27-hour-spiced fried chicken and access to 111 whiskeys.

Posit. Really underutilized word.

Anyway, give a warm, sincere embrace to Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, the new Miami-imported temple of fried chicken and bourbon—it’s now open at the Venetian. Here are the four most important elements.

1. The black-and-white photos everywhere. They’re all over the whitewashed brick walls, those shots of Newman, Cash and McQueen. Until now these photos had never been seen. There. See ’em? You’re the first. Ish. (See the slideshow here.)

2. The chicken. They’re doing it four ways. But only one way is the Lewellyn’s Fine Fried Chicken. It’s a half chicken, and it’s been waiting 27 hours after being rubbed down in a smoky, spicy blend meant to capably address your discerning fried-chicken needs.

3. About that bourbon. There’s 65 kinds. And 46 other whiskeys.

4. Oh, and there’s an “Ice Room.” It’s where bartenders harvest one of five ice varieties for whatever cocktail is at hand, like the thyme-infused ice floating in The Porkchop—made with bourbon, Dijon syrup, yuzu and apple cider.

So, yes, it’s a freezer.


Yardbird Southern Table & Bar
at The Venetian
3355 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV, 89109


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