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A Silver Lake Store for Your Outdoor Needs

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Weather’s been pretty harsh these last few weeks.

Random water hurtling from the sky. Intermittent sub-70s conditions.

You will get through this.

With help from Mission Workshop, a trusty new source for weatherproof jackets, messenger bags and other things you need for doing outdoorsy stuff, now open in Silver Lake. (See the slideshow.)

It’s pretty sparse in here—you just need to concern yourself with the pipes and wooden shelves holding very high-tech, all-waterproof things that keep you warm. They come from San Francisco, where our winters are like their summers. Not to rub it in. But, you know, on the matter of credibility. And also to rub it in a little.

So if you’re into donning wetsuits on misty beach mornings or simply need something to counter this novel occurrence the rest of the nation collectively knows as rain, you’ll come here for a lightweight merino wool henley and pullover. And maybe an ultralight Orion jacket that’ll react to your body temperature on a more Mammoth-y excursion.

Plus there are all kinds of weatherproof backpacks, rucksacks and messenger bags here to fully defend your laptop and papers in the event of an extreme-weather situation.

Or an extreme-needing-to-carry-things situation.


Mission Workshop
3118 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90026


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