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Juice, Shakes and Eggplant “Bacon” on Charles

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Call your meat.

Tell it you’re taking the day off.

We don’t know. Make something up.

And no, it can’t come with you.

Because you’re going to Pressed, a new enclave of fresh juice, superfood shakes and eggplant “bacon” sandwiches that’s now open in Beacon Hill.

We hold these truths to be self-evident:

It’s pretty marble-y.
Solid marble floors. Solid marble counters. Plus a non-marble wooden bar overlooking Charles Street (here’s the slideshow). Then there’s that wall made of old fruit crates, which will make perfect sense once you realize that...

They cold-press their own juices.
In varieties like the Selenium with orange, shiso leaves, fennel, beet and strawberry.

And make a mean superfood shake.
Like the Charge with raw cacao, almond butter, almond milk and cold-brew coffee. Should cover at least one resolution.

The chef is magic.
Possibly. We don’t know how else to explain how she makes ricotta out of cashews, parmesan out of almonds and a Smoked ELT sandwich that substitutes bacon with thick, smoky strips of coconut-oil-marinated eggplant (here’s the menu evidence).

It’s called a paleta.
And it’s basically a popsicle, but in flavors like avocado-tangerine and blueberry-honey-rose.

Plus it sounds cooler.

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