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Buffalo Crossing

A Manhattan-Fueled Pizzeria on Mission

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One day, you’re having pizza and martinis.

The next, you’re having vermouth-sauced pizza.

It’s important to mix things up a bit.

So yeah, here’s Buffalo Club—an inviting wooden hall of Manhattans on tap and occasionally vermouth-y pizzas, open now.

This place looks like what you’d expect from the guys who brought you Mayhem and Bullitt. Dark woods. Red stools. A small bar with a buffalo-nickel-covered buffalo skull. And a larger bar with a disco-ball-inspired buffalo head. (See the slideshow here.)

But it’s more than just tots and burgers here. The menu’s got things like Humboldt Fog bruschetta with serrano ham, prosciutto and parmesan croquettes, and that margherita pizza with a vermouth-based tomato sauce. Turns out, pizza sauce isn’t a thing you can’t put vermouth in.

You’ll start at one of the bars. That’s where the Old Fashioneds on tap and the Pan-American Clippers with absinthe and applejack will be. From there, you’ll probably head to one of two spots—a couch in the corner of the upstairs mezzanine with a date, or one of the communal tables with enough elbow room for the passing of pizza slices between friends.

Though, you could always just stay at the bar.

Someone’s gotta keep the buffalo company.

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