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A Mobil horse riddled with bullet holes.

Century-old bottles of pinot.

Vaudevillian diversions that may or may not involve mimes.

Oh, those things up there?

Those are all at The Drifter, a snug basement bar with a bunch of Prohibition-era bric-a-brac and cocktails written on tarot cards. It’s hoping to open as early as next week in River North. (Take a look here.)

Likely, you’ll show up and think: “Hey, isn’t this Green Door Tavern?” And it is. Sort of. You see, it’s the well-preserved downstairs room of Green Door Tavern with a secret door that bootleggers once used for transferring booze upstairs to the speakeasy. Which is a much cooler way of putting it.

Show up after a dinner date when you’re seeking respite from the cold, late-night drinks and an opportunity to watch performances from a roster of musicians, dancers, contortionists and mimes on the small stage in back. You’re not one to squander a good contortion-/mime-related opportunity.

As for what you’re drinking... well, it’s not entirely up to you. Every night, they’ll randomly select seven custom-made tarot cards—each representing a different cocktail (here’s one, and here’s another)—from an ever-evolving stack. And yep, those are your menus.

So much for the whole “fate versus free will” debate.

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