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The Sriracha Donuts Have Landed

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No, that’s it.

Just making a statement.


But if you must know more, welcome Blackbird Doughnuts, that new nirvana of ring-shaped confections from the Gallows team that we were all promised. It’s now open Thursday through Sunday in the South End.

The question-and-answer session begins now:

What is a “donut?”
Next question.

All right. What are these donuts?
The lighter, fluffier kind, available in eight varieties now and up to 12 later.

So what am I working with?
Honey pistachio lemon. Blackberry lavender. Sesame sriracha...

Gonna stop you right there. Sesame sriracha?
Sesame sriracha.

What does this place look like?
Up front: a tiny room with concrete floors, white tile walls and a wooden counter (here’s the slideshow). In back: a considerably larger open bakery behind glass panels. Please don’t tap the glass.

Just a guess... but is there also a giant blown-up photo of flying blackbirds and a chandelier inside of a birdcage?

What’s the coffee situation?
Cold-brew or drip, in their own custom blend.

Can you take, say, half a dozen donuts back home?
Yes. In a pizza delivery box.

Turns out, they make great donut boxes.


Blackbird Doughnuts
492 Tremont St
Boston, MA, 02116


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