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Kayaking, Hiking and Diving in Antarctica

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Sailing to Antarctica.

Probably not on your list of resolutions.

Maybe because you didn’t even know it was a thing...

Heads up: it’s a thing.

Pack a scarf or two for the Antarctic Peninsula Basecamp Cruise, an 11-day expedition of kayaking, snowshoeing and scuba diving way, way down south, now taking reservations for departures in March and beyond.

This is the surest way to release your inner Shackleton. Without all the fighting-for-your-life stuff. You’ll embark from Argentina and sail through the Drake Passage toward Antarctica. When you see albatrosses flying overhead and icebergs floating by, you’re there.

Once you anchor amid some Antarctic islands, your ship will turn into an adventure base camp of sorts. And you’ll face choices: kayaking around the channel, mountaineering up Jabet Peak or hanging out with penguins. (Check it all out here.) If that all sounds a little too safe, there’s always scuba diving. Humpback whales have been known to frequent the waters, so maybe just don’t get in their blind spot.

Should you get tired (or cold), you can retreat back to the ship and take in the glacial beauty from the observation lounges, all of them conveniently equipped with a fully stocked bar and restaurant.

Because it’s tough to get a burger on an iceberg.


Antarctic Peninsula Basecamp Cruise
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