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New York’s Legendary Burgers Come to... New York

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They say Vegas has everything.

Champagne drones. Fire-breathing Playmates. Innumerable Elvi.

Everything, historically, except the perfect simplicity of a Shake Shack burger.

Finally, there’s everything. Finally, there’s Shake Shack. It’s now open at New York-New York. (See the menu here and the slideshow here.)

You already know NYC’s Danny Meyer is behind those burgers. Those burgers...

And you probably already know all about the flattop hot dogs, the shakes and those perfectly crisp crinkled fries. Those fries...

Sorry, where were we?

Oh, right, you need to walk in knowing about all the new things that only exist at this outpost. Like an entire menu of custard concretes, including the Shack-a-Palooza—an absurdly oversize take on the original, with three times the custard, Mast Brothers chocolate chunks, Belgian waffles, banana/peanut butter cheesecake, chocolate-truffle cookie dough, sprinkles, various sauces... if it’s sweet, it’s probably in here.

But back to your burger. It needs a massive patio. So sit there. And it needs a ShackMeister Ale, which was created by Brooklyn Brewery for one purpose and one purpose only: to be paired with your ShackBurger.

It’s important for your beer to know its purpose.

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