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Never judge a book by its cover.

Unless that book’s been designed by Frank Gehry and features an Adrian Grenier–spun soundtrack.

Then judge. Just... judge.

Checking off all of the above: Ted’s at YoungArts, a terrifically classy joint nestled high atop the YoungArts building for live music and stiff drinks, officially opening tonight in Downtown. (And here it is.)

Say you’ve got a seventh-floor space burning a hole in your pocket. And let’s also say Frank Gehry is a big fan of yours. You’d probably feel okay about asking him to design you a lounge for the occasional nightcap in that space. And that’s pretty much what YoungArts did.

Live jazz. That’s happening here. But also dance, photography and video... that’ll be projected on a 360-degree HD screen wrapped around a space. One that’s filled with lamplit tables, a stage and a glass bar for...

Drinks. Obviously. Like the Desert Rose with rose-infused gin. They also have stuff like pork belly bao and smoked duck breast from Stephen Starr (he’s done stuff for Verde and Makoto), because... second rounds.

Pro tip: have some reservations in place here. Just you, a plus-one and... Adrian Grenier. Yeah. He’s a YoungArts alum. And he just might drop by to perform.

Probably don’t mention Aquaman.


Ted’s at YoungArts
2100 Biscayne Blvd, 7th Fl
Miami, FL, 33137


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