Caving Grace

A Cave Painting Tour in Baja

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Quick: what’s dark, damp and constantly held at a temperature of about 55 degrees...

If you guessed “a cave”: you’re... technically right.

If you guessed “an art gallery”: you’re... probably skipping ahead. Rude.

And if you’re still with us after this convoluted riddle...

You’re about to embark upon the Cave Painting Tour of Baja, a horseback-bound journey into the arid wilderness of Baja in search of really old and breathtaking cave murals. And it’s taking reservations now.

Take a look at the slideshow. This is basically John Wayne’s idea of an art date: hiking into the desert with some of the last cowboys on earth (and some mules) to marvel at a few millennia of cave paintings that make you ponder the very nature of humanity. (And thank the very existence of bottled water.)

As far as sleeping accommodations go: it’s pretty much BYO. But your guides will make a campfire happen, the lack of civilization will let the stars out, and somewhere between your third slug of whiskey and your fourth pensive sigh, you’ll come to realize why those ancient artists found themselves here so many years ago.

Probably because they got terribly lost.

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