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A Wine Bar Is Reborn in Lakeview

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A fine wine grows better with age.

A fine wine bar... well, that gets a little dated with age.

Which probably explains why 404 Wine Bar, a vintage vino hangout in Lakeview, just gave itself a major makeover on your behalf. It’s now reopen. (This is your slideshow and this is your menu.)

Here’s the breakdown:

The Decor
Before: Fully keyed in on that wild “winery tasting room chic” thing that was pretty big in the early 2000s. Requisite ’80s track lighting: also there.
After: Sophisticated and serene. The brick walls are painted gray, the floor is a lacquered red, and more two-top tables are now fireplace-adjacent. Use them wisely.

The Food
Before: Vaguely Asian entrées. Translation: lots of things were soy-glazed.
After: Shareable plates like beef tenderloin tacos, arancini with wild mushrooms and a rotating selection of meats and cheeses, which are perfect for saying things like “I hear they have a nice rotating selection of meats and cheeses here.”

The Wine
Before: Sprawling, but not one option that paired particularly well with lamb sausage.
After: Reined in and beaten into submission with about 30 by-the-glass options and plenty of bottles.

We’re sure one of them pairs well with lamb sausage.

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