Things to do for December 11, 2014

The Weekender

Where to Get Waffles, Grilled Pizza and Foie Gras

The weekend’s wish list is in PowerPoint.

Big Name BBQ Comes to Union Market

Big Name BBQ Comes to Union Market

Here’s the story of Andrew Evans, a fine-dining chef on the Eastern Shore who chucked it all when he got obsessed with BBQ competitions. And now he’s trucking said BBQ—St. Louis spareribs, Texas brisket, pulled pork—into Union Market every day. So it’s a story with a happy ending.

Pizza + a Grill = This

Pizza + a Grill = This

A 900-degree grill with a smoker box. Seems like a great way to get... pizza. Yup, Pizza Vinoteca is the latest stop on your never-ending pizza parade. They use whole wheat/red wine dough, then throw it on the grill with toppings like pork jowl and spicy chili pesto. Then you eat it.

Waffles and Lattes at the Cathedral

Waffles and Lattes at the Cathedral

This weekend, you’re going to the National Cathedral for all the right reasons. Namely, for the egg sandwiches, cappuccinos and seven kinds of waffles. Open City’s new location is on the church grounds, in an old building complete with stained glass. Be on your best behavior.

Crab Sandwiches, Meet Puffy Coats

Crab Sandwiches, Meet Puffy Coats

This Saturday at the Arc’teryx store opening at CityCenter, you’ll find two things:
1. All the fleece, waterproof shells and puffy jackets you care to wear.
2. Gratis crab sandwiches from a food truck. Because nothing says extreme mountain adventure like jumbo-lump crab.

Opens Dec 13, 10am, Arc’teryx, 1099 H St NW, 202-589-0462

A Lot of Foie Gras on H Street

A Lot of Foie Gras on H Street

Up and down H Street next week, there’ll be a murderers’ row of foie gras dishes—nine, to be exact, like foie poached in chicken fat with Thanksgiving trimmings and an open-faced duck sandwich with foie mousse. Consider it a tasting menu. That requires some walking.

Dec 15-25, Foie La La, see participating restaurants here

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