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Ice Skating, Bowling and Late-Night Disco

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There’s a late-night complex of ice skating, disco dancing and bowling that’s just opened at the Miami Beach Edition.

It’s called: Basement Miami.

You can take a look at it right over here.

“This is so crazy, it just might work” applies here. That’s mostly due to a bearded gent named Josh Wagner. You might remember him from the Gale.

Now that we’ve established that, here’s what you’ll be doing there:

Strapping on a pair of ice skates.
And channeling your inner Chazz Michael Michaels on a 2,000-square-foot sheet of ice surrounded in a gauzy white drapery. By the way, those high windows look out to Collins.

Bowling with the help of a naked woman.
On a four-lane alley surrounded by tufted-leather booths, a polished concrete bar and Jean-Georges Vongerichten–created snacks. Your bowling ball: custom-designed by artists. Some with a predilection for nude women straight out of a 1974 Playboy spread.

Practicing your hustle.
That’s happening at DiscoBox—a cozy romper room of flashing lights, distressed leather and bottles of vodka served up in mirrored disco balls.

Finally, a use for all those Saturday Night Fever props.


Basement Miami
at the Miami Beach Edition
2901 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33140


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