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You never know what you’ll find in a dark alley.

Just kidding, it’s egg rolls and stuff.

At least it is at Night Market, a bona fide bunker of Far Eastern street food and plum wine slushies that opens tomorrow night in Harvard Square. (Right this way for the slideshow.)

This is the opposite of easy to find. You’ll have to go down Winthrop Street until you see a set of stairs and a uniformed man swinging a hammer. Don’t worry, he’s just a painting on the wall and thus harmless. Now, down those stairs...

You’ll enter an almost windowless brick-floored room with assorted patio furniture, a little wooden bar and a wall covered by Mao-era propaganda and Technicolor graffiti. You might feel like you’ve ducked into some fabled, locals-only spot in Bangkok or Manila or Ho Chi Minh City.

Because the menu’s inspired by some of Asia’s best street food. Filipino egg rolls with cashew pesto. Szechuan chicken wings. You get it.

Then there’s that slushy machine behind the bar. For now, you may receive slushified plum wine. And one day soon, soju slushies.

Soju brain freezes: invented.


Night Market
below 48 JFK St
Cambridge, MA, 02138


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