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Korean Madness by Faneuil Hall

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Faneuil Hall.

Isn’t that the place with all the street performers, rowdy bars and that one soju-laden spot called Koy that’s about to take some enormous liberties with Korean food starting Tuesday?

Yes. Yes it is.

What was once a UBurger is no longer a UBurger. UBurger needed to make room for this place.

Inside of it: walls and chairs that are seriously purple. Like Prince-in-Purple-Rain purple. There’s also a handful of oil paintings with things like a school of koi fish and a rather inquisitive-looking woman in traditional Korean garb in them. (Maybe check out this slideshow.)

Now, if it’s just some beef bibimbap you’re after, beef bibimbap it is. But there’s an ex–Volle Nolle chef in the back, and he’s playing fast and loose with Korean. We’re talking carnitas soup dumplings. We’re talking buttermilk-brined, double-fried chicken brushed with sweet chili sauce. (This is your menu.)

Cups of soju sangria will be filled. Everyone’ll be telling jokes and stuff. The topic of dessert will be raised and quickly vetoed until someone gets wind of the buttermilk french toast with coffee-boiled peanuts and dark chocolate shavings.

The ancients predicted there would be dessert french toast.

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