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Little Fireman-Themed Bar Here. Enjoy.

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They extinguish your fires. Save your tree-bound cats. Heroically open your little beer joints.

Little beer joint exhibit A: Hook and Ladder, a laid-back bar’s bar that’s now open in Lincoln Park. (Here she is.)

The Halligan Bar people next door just took this space over. You may know them as the people who have a thing for fireman themes. And good news: you don’t have to get to know them all over again, because... fireman theme.

They’ve popped in some new bar stools looking out onto Orchard and a big booth that’s ready for you and the people you call friends. And that brass pole: it was obviously rescued from a 19th-century firehouse. There was always going to be a brass pole.

Behind the bar are 30 beer taps. Good beer will flow through those taps and into your glass. But you won’t come here to talk about notes of coriander or a malty caramel nose. Because 1) generally best not to, and 2) it’s simply not that kind of place.

Just pop in and relax. Catch up with an old friend. Watch a game on one of the 10-or-so TVs and pepper some bourbon into the mix.

It always starts with the peppering.


Hook and Ladder
2270 N Lincoln Ave
(at Orchard)
Chicago, IL, 60614


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