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A Cozy Basement with Whiskey and Comfort Food

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Troubling news.

Right now, someone is plotting to serve you the best bourbon caramel milkshake of your life.

Which means that, until Friday, you’ll be drinking subpar bourbon caramel milkshakes.

But soon enough, The Franklin Room, a promising development in basement-whiskey-and-comfort-food bars, will open in River North. (Your slideshow and your menu await.)

This is from the guys who brought you Union Sushi, which is basically right next door. Here, however, if you want to prepare for a night of 300 whiskeys and duck noodle soup, of bourbon sold by the ounce and shrimp pot pies, of all good things... well, go ahead and do that.

It’s the sort of snug, wood-paneled basement bar you’ll probably find very cozy on a cold winter day.

Take a lunch meeting over Reubens and a nip of Kavalan single malt. Have an intimate client dinner in the back corner over venison chops and some Redbreast 12 Pot Still. Conduct late-night assignations with that bourbon caramel milkshake and/or a full bottle of very rare Japanese whiskey.

And don’t worry if you can’t finish the whole thing. They’ve got a bottle-storage program for the good stuff, so it’ll be waiting when you return.

That’s why it’s the good stuff.

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