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If you’re currently somewhere that looks like a 1950s mountain lodge with a giant picture of Steve McQueen on the wall, well... nice job.

You’re a great person and should keep doing what you’re doing.

Otherwise, turn your attention to The Tough Boot & Co., a new den of vintage everything that looks like how tipping a fedora at a comely stranger feels, now open on the Westside. (Here’s your slideshow.)

Let’s operate under the assumption that you wouldn’t mind accidentally getting locked inside of this place overnight. It’s got comfy places to sit. A wall-sized picture of Steve McQueen in a motorcycle helmet to look at. The Junior Illustrated Encyclopedia of Sports to read. Clothes to... wear.

And if it seems like everything in here is pretty random, that’s because the owner found it all while traveling around the world. Things like:

—Roller skates with turquoise laces.
—A vintage Dior polka-dot tie.
—Selvage jeanery by way of Brooklyn.
—A definitely-not-new tweed blazer.
—Well-seasoned Levi’s belts.

And soon: a water bar. As in an actual just-because water bar with species of the sparkling variety from places like Germany, Denmark and Spain.

Strong water countries, all of them.


The Tough Boot & Co.
inside of Savvy Snoot
1080 Brady Ave NW
Atlanta, GA, 30318


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