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Over 75 Timeless, Brando-Worthy Leather Jackets

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Great job giving thanks last week.

Really nice.

And just to get you a head start on next year’s gratitude...

Here’s your beautiful Brando-worthy new leather jacket.

It’s at Schott, the first LA shop from the legendary maker of iconic leather jackets and durable badassness, now open in Glendale.

Yes, the company behind Brando, the Boss and WWII’s more noteworthy leather jackets finally has a brick-stacked space set off with vintage oilcans and a chandelier made of toy six-shooters. In Glendale. At Americana at Brand. (See the slideshow here.)

Moving on... we see you interested in the following.

A shiny black Perfecto motorcycle jacket from the back area, which has over 75 styles of iconic leather jackets. One should probably do it.

A sherpa-lined, military-style sweater, a chambray button-down, a fleece-lined lambskin flight jacket or maybe a blue coated-linen rain slicker. In case water falls from the sky again.

Chippewa boots, a Horween belt and Imogene + Willie jeans. Pretty useful in tying this whole jacket thing together. Trust us.

The exclusive camouflage Perfecto or the 603 jacket merging café racer and motorcycle styles. The only other place you’ll find them is Japan.

Which is farther than Glendale.


at Americana at Brand
112 Caruso Ave
Glendale, CA, 91210


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