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UFC Has Gyms. This Is One of Those.

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You’ve sliced the last piece of pie.

Made the final turkey sandwich.

Can’t even think about stuffing.

Yes, Thanksgiving is no more.

And you should probably work out...

Enter: UFC Gym Boston, a mighty new temple of fitness where you can also fight people in cages, offering memberships now and expecting to open December 8 in the Leather District. (This is your slideshow.)

You’re familiar with UFC. The thing where two people enter an octagon-shaped ring and go all mixed-martials-arts on each other. And they do it in states of physical fitness some early civilizations might have described as “Herculean.” Well, this is their gym.

Inside, you’ve got your treadmills and dumbbells. Typical gym stuff. Then you’ve got your not-typical gym stuff like a strip of astroturf for sprints, sleds for pulling, a sea of punching bags for absorbing your holiday stress and kickboxing/jujitsu classes with a private coach for... doing that.

Oh, and right. The Octagon. That’s the caged, eight-sided fighting ring in the very center where you can test your newly acquired skills on another member or your own trainer.

Entrance music: optional but not optional.


UFC Gym Boston
74-82 Lincoln St
Boston, MA, 02111


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