Bōchō Downtown Sushi

Do Not Pass ’Chō

A Bi-Level Sushi Temple off Fremont


You couldn’t possibly.

Everything has been great, but yet another omakase course is simply unimaginable. You can hardly move.

A mic-dropping rendition of “Mr. Roboto,” though? Well, sure, you could do that. Obviously.

And that’s how your night’ll go at Bōchō Downtown Sushi, a bi-level temple of sushi and karaoke from the owners of Le Thai, now open in the old John E. Carson Hotel.

Bypass the main dining room and head directly downstairs. Under low-hanging beams and koi murals, you’ll find the 18-seat sushi counter. Grab a couple leather-wrapped stools and contemplate whether it’s a Chirashi Poki kind of night or a “settle in for the omakase and prepare to watch the masters at work”... kind of night.

Once you’re done with the procession of unagi, ahi and kampachi, head back upstairs. To your left: a long, smoked-glass-and-steel bar. It’s just soju cocktails and beer right now, but soon those bamboo lockers will be stocked with rare Japanese whiskeys. They’ll even put one aside for you. Those guys.

And beyond: the side-by-side private dining rooms in the back. They’re brick-walled and leather-tufted and, most importantly, they double as karaoke lounges for you and 15 friends.

It’ll seem like a good idea at the time.


Bōchō Downtown Sushi
124 S 6th St, Ste 150
(between Carson and Fremont)
Las Vegas, NV, 89101

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