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Excellent Wall-to-Wall Pajamas in Santa Monica

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Some things you’ll definitely need to get tomorrow done right:

1) Some form of game fowl, obviously.
2) A crackling fire, where possible.
3) Good pajamas for the best nap of your life.

Get the last one at Sleepy Jones, Andy Spade’s cozy new Montana Avenue shop specializing in the kinds of things you wear to bed, to couch and to recliner, now open in Santa Monica. (See the slideshow here.)

Oxford indigo pajamas, robes and underthings. Those are mostly the kinds of things you’ll find on the shelves here.

But also... leather slippers that beg for a pipe or a home office.

And plaid flannel pajamas, wool sweaters and camo boxers for your first impromptu Mammoth road trip of the season.

And striped, colorfully piped bed shirts that you could conceivably pull off at Mélisse.

Of course, if PJs aren’t your thing, they’re selling plenty of other stuff people wouldn’t object to finding in stockings or under trees. Like bright dress socks. Vintage books. Canes. Pipes. Flasks. Truffaut T-shirts.

Good backup gift for anybody with a film degree.


Sleepy Jones
1318 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, CA, 90403


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