Ames Street Deli

Fun and Ames

It’s a Café. No, a Deli. Wait, It’s a Bar...

None Which of the following can be found at your local deli?

A) Meat.
B) Cheese.
C) Cocktail bars with rye-and-rum Old Fashioneds.

If you chose C, feel free to skip this.

Everyone else: here’s Ames Street Deli, an airy wonder emporium for serious sandwiches and serious-er drinks from the powers behind Backbar and Journeyman, now open in Kendall Square.

It’s a café. It’s a sandwich counter. It’s a bar. And here’s a time line of how you’ll use it...

By morning, you’ll grab a stool at the window counter right next to that giant wooden pillar inexplicably covered with moss. Right. Just go for a cortado to wake you up and a bacon-and-egg-stuffed donut to remind you that the world is good.

By afternoon, you’re back for a rabbit mortadella sandwich on carrot ciabatta. Which will only seem odd until you pass the pastry counter stacked with miso macaroons. (This menu should help.)

By evening, you’ll recoup at the back bar for a Pineapple Project with scotch, chartreuse and absinthe. It’s several nightcaps in one.

By the future, they’ll open a sister restaurant on the other side of the space called Study.

Operate under the assumption that you won’t be studying there.


Ames Street Deli
73 Ames St
Cambridge, MA, 02142

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