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The Hot List: 2014 Holiday Parties

You know what it takes to make a holiday party great: you need karaoke caravans, endless soup dumplings or a chef who cooks for POTUS. So, here: five of the worthiest venues for holiday soiree-ing involving all that. Just remember, with great parties comes great responsibility.

The Mezzanine at Chino

The Mezzanine at Chino

You require: Fortune cookies. A personal bartender. Some soup dumplings.
You’ll receive: The brick-lined upstairs area of Chino, adorned with fortune cats and colored lanterns. It’s also equipped with a private bar, a 55-inch flat-screen and enough soup dumplings to last you until 2015.

Seats 32, holds 50, Chino, 3198 16th St (at Guerrero), 415-552-5771

Down Lo, The Clubhouse Lounge

Down Lo, The Clubhouse Lounge

You require: Cocktails and karaoke that come to you. Simple.
You’ll receive: A fleet of party trailers that can be transformed into a cocktail bar, a food station, a karaoke lounge or anything you can think of, really. Silent disco mistletoe garden? Put it in your backyard. See what happens.

The North (or South) Room at Quince

The North (or South) Room at Quince

You require: An opulent feast of caviar and champagne with a presidential pedigree.
You’ll receive: A dimly lit, curtained-off space with things like caviar panna cotta and suckling pig fagottini happening—the menu’s always changing, but it’s from a two-star Michelin chef who’s cooked for our president. Just trust him.

Holds up to 12, Quince, 470 Pacific Ave (at Montgomery), 415-775-8500

The Private Dining Room at Pabu

The Private Dining Room at Pabu

You require: The elegance of a Japanese teahouse, but with wasabi-tequila cocktails and blowtorches.
You’ll receive: Pabu’s private room with long, wooden tables topped with sushi, izakaya and whiskey drinks served with torched bananas. Blowtorches: so festive.

Holds 22, Pabu, 101 California St (at Front), 415-668-7228

The Mezzanine at ABV

The Mezzanine at ABV

You require: Nothing crazy, just some standing room for a couple dozen friends with easy access to the mezcal and bourbon.
You’ll receive: The upstairs mezzanine of ABV, which overlooks the rest of the bar, with burgers and a three-liquor tasting. There’s never a bad time for liquor education, really.

Seats 14, holds 25, ABV, 3174 16th St (near Guerrero), 415-400-4748

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