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Your New Neighborhood Bar Goes Like This...

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Nothing’s ever quite as it seems anymore.

Watches are phones.

Phones are credit cards.

Old-school cocktail bars are great.

Fine. That last one gets a pass...

Because that last one is Barley & Brass, a hearty mélange of good beer, kegged cocktails and many revelrous exploits to come, now open in Wicker Park. (A slideshow will happen when you click here.)

At first glance, this is your standard, date-friendly cocktail den. Chalk that up to the warm blue walls, antique brass chandeliers, candlelit tables and empty picture frames that’ll prompt random conversations about how this place used to be an art bar.

But then you’ll notice the 15 beers on tap just below the diner-style cocktail menu and realize: huh, there’s been a vintage neighborhood joint right here all along...

Option 1: start fresh with a B&B Ball—a shot of house-infused cinnamon whiskey and a can of Old Style. Or don’t because that’s aggressive. Option 2: late-night poutine, short rib with malted barley risotto and on-tap whiskey-maraschino cocktails with a few friends.

Option 3: option 1.


Barley & Brass
2015 W Division St
(at Damen)
Chicago, IL, 60622


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