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Dallas Gets Its Very Own Stag

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We’ve got news.

It’s about warm sweaters and discreet drinking vessels.

So yes, it’s good news.

Stag is here. That from-Austin shop with all manner of made-in-the-USA and damn handsome garmentry, leather bags and flasks just opened today on Travis Street.

Rejoice. Then check out this slideshow. Then check out the actual store, because inside that little gray cottage of wooden shelves and steel racks is everything you’ve been looking for. Well, provided you’ve been looking for American-made boots, blazers, shirts and other things that look nice on mannequins but—we feel confident saying—would look even better on you.

So if any of the following sounds good...

—Soft plaid shirts from Faherty

—Rugged Wolverine boots for aggressively crunching leaves

—Leather Billykirk weekend bags

—Jack Spade cardigans because, you know, layers

—A bottle of Moonshine cologne

—A stainless-steel flask that says “To hell with work”

... then you’re in the right place. And surely you know someone who could use one or more or all of the above.

It’s okay to count yourself.

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