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Once a Butcher Shop, Now a Bar

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Things used to be slow. Now they’re fast.

Things used to be hard. Now they’re easy.

Things used to be butcher shops. Now they’re bars.

Hey, that’s progress.

Speaking of, welcome The Butcher’s Tap, a well-stocked fortress of beer, burgers and hockey that happens to know a thing or two about the last matter, now open in Lakeview. (Here’s the slideshow and here’s the menu.)

This space started out in the ’30s as a simple butcher shop.

Today, it’s a warm, dark-wood-paneled sports bar. One where you’ll find 25 TVs, a pool table and steel-tipped darts upstairs. Perfectly suitable for a night of burgers and Blackhawks.

But keep investigating. Stay focused on that bar.

Because that bar has 80 draft beers, white lightning on tap in the form of Iced and Spiced Moonshine and ample opportunities to order just inordinate amounts of meat.

Start with a butcher board—a selection of things like soppressata, capicola, aged cheddars and spreads for the table. And once you’re done dabbling, get serious with a grass-fed burger, a jowl bacon BLT or a big bucket of buttermilk fried chicken.

The bucket always wins.

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