Panelli’s Pizza & Parm

In Parm’s Way

A Brookline Pizza Joint with Fried Oreos

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Big week for pizza.

First there was that basement spot in the North End.

Now there’s this aboveground spot in Brookline.

See. Big week for pizza.

Perfect your folding technique at Panelli’s Pizza & Parm, a new safe house filled with many wondrous versions of those two things in the name up there, soft-opening Sunday with limited hours and officially opening next Friday.

This used to be Ozzie’s Pizza & Cafe. And like Ozzie’s, it’s a counter-service, whole-pie or by-the-slice operation. The similarities go ahead and end there.

The inside looks like a Scandinavian start-up’s workspace (maybe this slideshow will help). But basically, that means there’s dangling Edison bulbs, black workshop-style stools, white walls and a garage door that opens to the street when it’s nice out. It’ll happen again.

And there’s food. Things like meatball parm sandwiches and pies like the Farmer Pizza made with whole milk mozzarella, bacon from Moody’s Delicatessen and five fresh eggs. (Right this way for the sample menu.)

But we would be doing you a great disservice if we didn’t also tell you that pancake-batter-fried Oreos exist here.

The technology for waffle batter just isn’t there yet.

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