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A Diving School with a Serious Pedigree

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The apple never falls far from the tree.

Which is why Donald Trump’s kids are in real estate. Martin Sheen’s kids went into acting.

And Jacques Cousteau’s son is a long-haul trucker.

Kidding. He opened this place: Jean-Michel Cousteau Diving Caribbean, a new diving mecca in the Grenadines run by Cousteau’s oldest son, accepting intrepid applicants now.

Like any good adventurer, he’s set up camp on a private island (which you may peruse here) full of oceanfront cottages and villas—so that takes care of your sleeping arrangements. As for the diving, we see three scenarios playing out:

1. You’ve never dived once in your life. Doesn’t matter—Cousteau’s crew of scuba experts (and if you’re lucky, the man himself) will show you the ropes, and you’ll be floating through reefs and befriending manta rays in no time.

2. You’ve done some diving in your day. You’ll spend a few days diving shipwrecks, observing sea turtles and maybe even get your Underwater Naturalist certification (it’s a résumé padder).

3. You’re basically Aquaman. You disembark the plane wearing fins and a regulator. Cousteau greets you with a smile. He unfurls an old, tattered map, points to a mysterious X and says, “There.”

“Best egg sandwich in town,” he says.


Jean-Michel Cousteau Diving Caribbean
Petit St. Vincent Island & Resort
St. Vincent and the Grenadines


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