Things to do for November 20, 2014

The Weekender

Chili, Raging Bull and Some Jousting

There once was a man from the weekend.

Two Unusual Ways to Thanksgiving

Two Unusual Ways to Thanksgiving

In this corner: A burger from Hopdoddy that’s basically just Thanksgiving on a bun. Turkey patty, sage pesto, jalapeño-cornbread stuffing, ginger-cranberry chutney, gouda, bacon and brussels sprouts.
In that corner: A turkey-and-cranberry klobasnek (it’s like a meat kolache) from the Bohemian Cafe.

Great corners.

Thanksgiving Burger available through Nov 30, Hopdoddy Burger Bar, multiple locations; Turkey & Cranberry Klobasnek available through Nov 30, The Bohemian Cafe, 1905 Greenville Ave, 972-807-2644

Revamped Mexican on Henderson Ave

Revamped Mexican on Henderson Ave

Mesero Miguel on Henderson is getting a name change. And a menu change. Some design updates, too. So after a quick close and revamp, it’s reopening tonight as “Mesero.” And it’ll be serving all those better-than-your-usual-Tex-Mex dishes that Mico Rodriguez is known for. You better believe there will be enchiladas.

Opens Nov 20, 5pm, Mesero, 2822 N Henderson Ave, 214-821-6426

Eating All the Chili at City Tavern

Eating All the Chili at City Tavern

Big bowls of hot chili are just what the doctor ordered. Especially when it’s cold, you’re hungry, and that doctor is you. Anyway, lots of chili is happening at City Tavern on Saturday. People will be cooking it. You will be eating it. And that’s how the whole thing works.

Nov 22, 2-8pm, City Tavern, 1402 Main St, 214-745-1402

Break Out Your Tweed

Break Out Your Tweed

There’s something called the Tweed Ride. It involves you donning some tweed, riding your bike from Downtown to Oak Cliff, and then drinking beer, playing tug-of-war and jousting other tweed-clad humans. Apparently rough, woolen fabrics make people go crazy.

De Niro, Beer and a Picnic in the Park

De Niro, Beer and a Picnic in the Park

On Sunday night, you can sprawl out in the grass and watch Raging Bull, drink beer and wine, and snack on picnic boxes filled with pretzel sandwiches and potato salad. But only if you show up at Strauss Square in the Arts District. That part is key.

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