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A Secret Pizza Spot Under a North End Market

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Some people use basements to store holiday decorations and treadmills.

Other people use basements to store pizzerias.

Other people for the win...

Make your descent into Monica’s Mercato Pizza, a tiny pizza joint tucked away in the basement of an Italian market, now open in the North End. (This is your slideshow and this is your menu.)

We did some research. And here’s what we found:

This is a pizza resurrection.
The recipes were revived from the much-loved-at-the-time Monica’s Pizzeria, which closed in 2004. A dark year for cheese discs.

You won’t see it on Salem Street.
What you will see: a giant alley mural featuring the word “PIZZA” and a hand pointing to a door and some stairs. Follow that hand.

It’s roughly the size of a storage closet.
And looks like one, too. It’s owned by the same three brothers behind the market upstairs, hence all the Italian beer and European chocolate on shelves.

All the ingredients come from upstairs.
Yes, even the ones on that wild mushroom, goat cheese and truffle oil pie.

There’s a wall made out of wine corks.
Which probably doesn’t need an explanation.

You should get the pizzagaina.
It’s an Italian Easter pie stuffed with cold cuts and cheese.

Sorry, no Peeps.

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