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A Fine Reason to Go to Evanston

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It used to be a harrowing journey from Chicago to Evanston.

Buggies. Horses. Dirt trails. Mean skunks.

Then, when you finally got there, no cheese-stuffed tater tots.

It all seemed rather pointless.

178 years later: Ten Mile House, a gracious gathering spot for you and your weary companions to partake in wine, steak and, yes, cheese-stuffed tater tots, opening Monday in Evanston. (This is your slideshow and this is your menu.)

What you have here is a merrymaking chamber with wood-plank floors, chandeliers and a nod toward storied history (it’s named after Evanston’s original inn/post office/restaurant).

You can pop in for a solo beer, an Austin Donkey (it’s basically a Moscow Mule with a better name) or a bowl of pork-shoulder chili at the bar, sure. But when you just want an easy night out with friends, it’s a nice ace to have up your sleeve.

A giant copper dome of a pizza oven churns out smoked-chicken-topped pies in three minutes flat. Grilled cheeses with apple jicama slaw are present and accounted for. NY strips and baby back ribs stand at your beck and call.

Well, they’re just kind of lying there, but personification felt more delicious.

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