Broad Street Riot

Riot, Please

Much Fried Chicken and Many Oysters in FiDi

By Eric Twardzik ·
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How’s your weekend looking?

Yes, that’s a trick question. Because we already know it’s looking like fried chicken and oysters.

Clear the streets for Broad Street Riot, a cozy new seafood temple in the old Blue Inc. space in the Financial District, opening tonight. (See the slideshow here.)

Cue the figures:

Days since Blue Inc. closed: 54
Days since this place officially opened: < 1
Date of the infamous Broad Street Riot between Boston firefighters and Irish immigrants: June 11, 1837
Cork walls inscribed with the lyrics to “Riot on Broad Street” by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones: 1
Last time you thought about the Mighty Mighty Bosstones: 1997
Communal tables made from the hatch doors of a WWI naval vessel: 3
Varieties of oysters served daily: 7
Number of signature cocktails that are also ’70s metal bands: 1 (the Quiet Riot with gin, elderflower liqueur and grapefruit)
Hours their honey fried chicken brines in buttermilk: 4
Probability said chicken arrives with waffles and sriracha maple butter: 100%
People the daily changing whole-fish special will feed: 2
Circumference of the individual pies baked by Sweet Tooth in Southie and served here for dessert: 3 inches

Whenever possible, always close with tiny pie.
Eric Twardzik

Eric Twardzik is often misidentified as a Dane. Embroidered pants and green Chartreuse are the two things that get him out of bed every morning.

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