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America’s Biggest Whiskey Collection, Now Bigger

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The topic at hand: whiskey. Rare whiskey. Lots of it. Like 1,400 bottles.

Yeah, that feels like kind of old news, doesn’t it.

Okay, let’s talk about even more of it...

Someone ordered a second round of The Whisky Attic—Vegas’s legendary homage to brown liquor has moved to the west side, and they’ve found room for 4,000 more bottles. Here’s what’s changed, and what hasn’t.

Then: A tiny, dusty annex tucked away in the attic of Freakin’ Frog.
Now: A handsome 1,800-square-foot situation room over in Industrial Park, with a long oak tasting table and a marble-topped bar. You can guess what fills the walls. (See the slideshow here.)

Then: You could drop in whenever.
Now: You’ll book an appointment, then show up for a tasting of five, 10 or... more. The new arsenal includes eight unique Pappy Van Winkles. Challenge accepted.

Then: You’d exchange a few pleasantries with owner Adam Carmer, but things stayed casual.
Now: Turns out, Carmer’s a UNLV professor of spirits, and these days he wants to educate you on stuff like the proper way to hold a snifter.

Hard not to trust an actual professor of spirits.


The Whisky Attic
4780 W Harmon Ave, Ste 12
(between Decatur and Cameron)
Las Vegas, NV, 89103


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