Tender Is the Night

A Tiny Bar with Barrels of Wine on Tap

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Rather urgent decision to make tonight.

Option 1: Don’t go to an intimate bi-level wine bar with 24 taps.

Option 2: Go to Tender, a dime-size, bi-level wine bar with a massive tree mural, open now in the Tenderloin.

(Urgent decisions can be the easiest decisions.)

Tonight or some night soon, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself here while waiting for a table at Huxley. Which is great, if you don’t mind getting cozy with a date at the wooden bar and discussing the abstract-ish artwork over some aged gouda and duck rillettes instead of standing out on the corner. (See the slideshow.)

Behind the bar: 24 shiny brass taps, most of which are for wine. Lots from California, like the Paso Robles cab, but you might find an Austrian grüner. Your options will always rotate, but know that a couple will always be beer. Beer would never desert you. (Here’s the current menu.)

If you’ve got a good while before your short rib meat pie next door, head upstairs to the lounge. Spread out on the tufted-leather banquette. Order a carafe of pinot noir. Look out the window onto those waiting for their Huxley table on Geary...

Reflect on how much you’ve grown...


854 Geary St
(at Larkin)
San Francisco, CA, 94109


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