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What a week for Baker.

Sorry, that was a typo. We meant bakers.

Smell the smells of Forge Baking Company, the biggest bakery and espresso-egg-cream-having café you ever did see, now soft-open in Somerville.

Know this:

It completes a caffeine-based trilogy.
Because it’s from the Bloc 11 and Diesel Cafe people.

It’s part of a strip mall on the outside...
Yep. Right next to that random Chinese place.

... but it’s huge on the inside.
Specifically, 5,000 square feet of white walls and concrete floors with exposed ceilings reaching 27 feet. It looks like a sprawling machine shop that decided being a café would be more fun (this slideshow agrees).

There’s an open bakery behind glass.
And a counter in front to sit and watch. Like a police interrogation room, but with people kneading country sourdough instead of interrogating.

This is their soft-opening.
So they’re serving a limited menu. Fortunately, that limit doesn’t apply to espresso egg creams, oatmeal cream pies and chai-infused white chocolate mochas. (Here’s the sample menu.)

Everything should kick in by November 17.
When they start opening at 7am for breakfasts of grits with maple butter and slinging sandwiches like the slow-roasted-pork-and-kimchi Firehouse 1.

“Firehouse” must’ve already been taken.

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