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The Dinner Part of the Carmellini Twofer

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... And then there was Little Park, a bright, airy ode to absurdly fresh things you want to eat, from Andrew Carmellini. The doors fly open tonight at Smyth, a Thompson Hotel. (See the slideshow here.)

Yesterday we alerted you to Evening Bar, your new cocktail date spot from these guys. Now welcome to the place where you and said date achieve dinner nirvana.

As far as the hyper-local-meat-and-produce experience goes, this is an ideal of the form. The ravioli is black kale. The tartare is beetroot. The dry-aged duck is dry-aged duck.

And the place is just handsome, thanks to Gachot Studios (who redid the whole hotel). You’ll enter through a true, classic corner door—bar on your right, dining room on your left, with a spinal column of booths down the middle, including some group-friendly ones.

Expect a good people-watching scene, because that’s just how things work when these guys open a place. And expect to be righteously rebuked if you respond to a waiter with some form of “we couldn’t possibly” when confronted with the dessert menu. Because there’s Cinnamon Toast Ice Cream that tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

So yes, you can possibly.

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