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A Late-Night Hang with a Killer Patio

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The person who figured out how to turn a shipping container into a house: smart.

The person who figured out how to turn a shipping container into a cocktail dispensary: Mensa-level genius.

Welcome to Sidebar, a reimagined hall for live music, DJs and cocktails served out of a shipping container, opening Friday near Little Havana. (See the slideshow here.)

Let’s all observe a moment of silence for PAX.


Great. Moving along. To this place. A homey warehouse furnished with crystal chandeliers, an old-timey piano and some wood and brick.

You’ll come here for all things late-night in nature. That stage up front: will host live bands early in the evening before subtly shifting to DJ-driven dancing. The billiards table in the corner: great for a few rounds between cocktails. Namely, the Calle Ocho with gin, Campari, vermouth and white crème de cacao.

So if tonight has the makings of a long one, consider grabbing one of the red love seats here. Or better yet, head outside. There’s a patio with string lights and a shipping container turned bar. And if the weather’s in fine form, they’ll roll up the garage door so the party opens up to the back.

Party in front, party in back.

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