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So. Elections.


Anyway, there’s about to be a lot more marshmallow fluff ice cream in your life.

Vote Gracie’s Ice Cream, a dairy-laden wonderland where cones get toasted by blowtorch and Fruity Pebbles ice cream is a thing, opening Friday in Union Square. (Here’s the slideshow.)

Non-poll-related numbers below:

Days until start of winter: 46
Days left of ice cream season:
Square footage of shop: 400
Pictures hung on a white wall: 13
Number of those depicting characters from The Big Lebowski and The Royal Tenenbaums: 2
Seats: 0
Standing counters: 1
Opening flavors: 12
Likelihood one is infused overnight with Fruity Pebbles: 100%
Likelihood one is infused overnight with Cinnamon Toast Crunch: you can’t have it all
Flavors best described as “Cold Brew Coffee”: 1
Alternative ways to eat ice cream here: 3 (frappes, chocolate chip cookie sandwiches and ice cream cakes)
Good-idea rating of toasting fluff-lined cones with a blowtorch on scale of 1 to 10: 11
Year marshmallow fluff was invented in Somerville: 1917
Time it took this place to discover Chocolate Marshmallow Fluff Ice Cream: 97 years
Time you were born: just the right one


Gracie’s Ice Cream
22 Union Sq
Somerville, MA, 02143


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